"Azza is probably the most wonderful producer in the Middle-East region I know. She runs her production workflow as not many do, always extremely well prepared, with passion for the art and with a great knowhow of how productions should be performed. I love here personality towards crew and clients and I have a deep respect for the way she treats her collaborators and crew. She has an extremely good taste of what cinematography should look like. I love her no-nonsens approach of things and her efficiency. If she calls me I will do everything to fly to Dubai to be able to shoot her film because I like her way of working so much. I could recommend her to any ME or foreign production for TVC or any kind of feature project. Try it and you won't be disappointed!"

Stijn Van der Veken ASC, SBC Director of Photography

"As executive producer of City Films, and for the time of collaboration with Ms. Azza Abou al magd, I came across a wide spectrum of her personal qualities. She has proven to be a very hard worker and has shown a great team spirit. Strong and reliable at all times no matter the difficulties that occurs. On a personal level, Azza is a person showing a lot of enthusiasm, she has a very amicable disposition making her approachable and easy to communicate with. I would place her among the top 5% TV producers we dealt with these past years."

Joyce Hadife EP, City Films, was a consultant or contractor to Azza at Freelance Dubai

"Azza is one of the most professional producers I have worked with, as she's not only sincere about the project (not an easy quality to find in freelancers), she's also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the work, she is next to the director ensuring that the agency's vision is not only implemented, but exceeded! One more thing to say about Azza, her sheer years of experience in the region has enabled her to have access to a wide network of directors and crew from all over the world, so obviously having her as part of the team on any project is of amazing value!”

Shahwir Saad Director-Creative Planning, DDB Dubai

"Working with Azza since 1994, I find her one of the easiest people to work with. Because she is fair, straight forward, respectful, and she knows her business very well. On the personal side, Azza is a great friend and a person who will never let you down."

Rami Rabeh Producer, Blue, was a consultant or contractor to Azza at IMPACT/BBDO Dubai

"It was always an absolute pleasure to have Azza as my Client. Her clear-cut attention to detail, and friendly demeanor, meant that I always jumped at the opportunity to work on a project that Azza was running. I admire her professionalism and approach to each project. I look forward to the opportunity of working with Azza once again in the near future."

Robbie McAree Production Manager, Filmworks, worked indirectly for Azza at IMPACT/BBDO Dubai

"I have known Azza for over 10 years and found her to be a consummate professional who is extremely experienced and always willing to challenge new frontiers with a creative and professional approach."

Tim Smythe Owner, Filmworks, was with another company when working with Azza at IMPACT/BBDO Dubai

"Azza 100% professional, 100% good friend."

Bartolome Perez Lopez Gaffer, A fallible girl, worked directly with Azza at Freelance Dubai

"Azza has been a very thorough, qualified and efficient client to work with in the past. She has been a tremendous asset to BBDO during the years that she has worked for the company and she remains an important contributor to the film and advertising industry in the region. From my experience Azza has consistently delivered high quality work and met or exceeded deadlines, as well as being supportive with her coworkers when required. She is a highly talented, enthusiastic, hardworking and forward thinking producer, continually generating solutions to problems and she has the invaluable skill to produce great results under extreme pressure. In addition...she is very fun to be with :-) In summary i would highly recommend Azza for any position or endeavor that she might pursue in the future. She will most definitely be an invaluable asset to any company or project. Best"

Chiara Maioni Producer, Filmworks, worked with Azza at Freelance Dubai

"Azza is very efficient in turning things around, the level of detail given and dedication put into her work is overwhelming. Her attitude and work ethics really helped make our large-scale project feel like a piece of cake. It will be a pleasure to work with her and the team again."

Raphael Nassoura Creative Group Head, Impact BBDO, worked with Azza at Freelance Dubai

"I have worked with Azza in her capacity as executive producer on various projects.She is a person able to easily evolve in different cultural environments and proved it with working with more than a dozen nationalities in a recent feature film project' "Fallible Girl'" as a producer. She looks into each and everything in detail, it was a pleasure to work with someone who is very well organized.She is hard working and with lots of positive energy."

Leo Joseph Country Manager, Kodak Cinelabs, was a consultant or contractor to Azza at Freelance Dubai

"As a professional producer, Azza is detail-oriented, fast, very responsible and flexible. Her passion for her profession and admirable ability to work with crew members from various culture background left a great impression on me when I worked with her for the feature film "A Fallible Girl". Anybody who has the opportunity to work with her will find it a beneficial and unforgettable experience."

Haitao Hu 1st AD, Feature Film A fallible girl, worked indirectly for Azza at Freelance Dubai

"Just a few words about Azza ... Brilliant, enthusiastic, tough, uncompromising, fun, straight, tireless and wonderful !! Jo, my producer, and I worked with Azza this year September 2013 on a very difficult and challenging shoot in Abu Dhabi. Quite simply we could not have done the job without her. Her direct, clear headed, no nonsense approach galvanized everyone on the crew and her enthusiasm kept us all motivated throughout ... despite being on antibiotics for a massive throat infection !!!! We loved her and will work with her at any possible opportunity."

Ric Hawkes Film Director from the UK

"I worked with Azza during Saadiyat island’s TVC shoot in September 2013. As a representative of the client, I didn’t know what to expect from our production company, and being a perfectionist I prepared myself to get involved in everything just to be on the safe side. However, shortly after working with Azza I figured that I am in very safe hands, I could totally trust her to look after the details and I was able to focus on the big picture. Azza has an exceptional management skills, excellent multitasking, attention to details, commitment to work and genuine interest to make things work no matter what. I truly enjoyed working with her."

Bassem Terkawi Senior Director Marketing and Communications - Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC)

"I worked with Azza for a good 18 years and spotted her talent when she was a fresh graduate. I was always encouraged by her zeal, drive, perseverance and can-do attitude, a combination of skills that allowed her to grow within the company and reach the helm of the TV Production function. Rarely does one find an individual who can juggle so many tasks simultaneously and remain in control of the bigger picture. Azza is such an individual that I always trusted to deliver quality on time, specifications and budget. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit. This has served her well as she is now self-employed and working assertively to build her own business. Azza is clearly an asset and I believe she will be a great partner to whoever chooses to work with her."

Pierre Azzam Chief Operating Officer, IMPACT/BBDO GROUP MENA, managed Azza at IMPACT/BBDO Dubai